• Transforming ____ ?
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    What Kristen presented was not just about transforming Mars, but also about some inspirations of possibilities. Probably you work for McDonald, and at night you play saxophone as a professional. Maybe as a teacher, she takes so much adventures during spare time. Kristen is an executive assistant, at night she studies music, Germany and music.



    Kristen explained her thoughts about transforming Mars, it seems as easy to understand as you take a look at stars. So, in a way, it means it is not difficult at all to discover your own possibilities, as long as you take actions. 


    [ About Kristen Zhou ]


    千辛万苦取得物理文凭一张- 天文学或半物理学


    Executive assistant by day, astronomy enthusiast by night (for the time being).

    Working against all odds to get a degree in physics - astronomy or partial physics oriented.

    If I live long enough, I'd also be digging deep into cognitive neuroscience, biochemical engineering and music production. I play music. How much do I love it? In an alternative universe, I choose music as a career over astronomy.



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